Our ability to innovate is what makes us human

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At Commtel, we are all about Engineering Intelligence

We build the nervous system of any project, enabling systems to connect and share information with one another digitally.

By learning from the data collected, we are able to optimize and deliver high performance. This means faster reactions, enhanced security and way more efficiency.

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Over Two Decades of Engineering Intelligence

About the Company

Commtel’s decades of experience have given us the ability to listen and empathize with our customers.

We are able to dig deep into the problems our customers face and build a technology solution that is suitable for them.

Our customers are like our family and only deserve the finest in quality and efficiency. To achieve this, Commtel manages every stage of design, engineering, and integration. By adopting world-class standards for safety and quality, we are able to deliver excellence that is unparalleled.

We don’t just keep up with the challenges of today; we prepare to carry forward the innovation of tomorrow. We continually find newer ways to mould existing technologies and craft them into elegant solutions.

Marching forward to the future of digital transformation, we are Commtel. We are engineering intelligence.

Our Three 'C's

At Commtel’s core, is our Three ‘C’ model. Conceptualize, Construct and Care, this model was designed for the complete lifecycle of your business, from the earliest stages of design to decades of support down the road.




The Story Behind Our Brand Identity

Values that guide us

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Nurturing Relationships

Your success is our success and we make it a point to succeed. Every engagement is treated like a new experience, to ensure our relationship lasts a lifetime.

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Innovation & Excellence

Progress is fueled by innovation and innovation is fueled by curious minds. As a center of learning and growth, at Commtel, the possibilities are endless and our quality, unmatched.

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Be a Great Place to Work

We are the 300+ people that work at Commtel. Creating an environment that is honest, open, collaborative and inspiring is important to us.

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Caring for people & the world

We are who we empower. It is our responsibility to help those in need. Naturally, this means that health, safety and being environmentally responsible play a large role in who we are.

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Not only work, but also have fun

People deliver their best work when they enjoy what they do. Similarly, we encourage people to ask questions, keep learning and have fun.

Our Strategic Intent

Global Delivery Expertise

As a technology leader, Commtel continually works towards expanding its reach and scope of operations across the globe. In order to continue delivering technology solutions of the highest standard, we have strategically set up our Global Centres in India and the United Arab Emirates.

Global Centre of Excellence for Engineering, India

A state-of-the-art facility located in Juinagar, Navi Mumbai, that is fully equipped with the latest in technology and a large pool of competent engineers. It serves as our Global Resource Centre for Project Management and Implementation Services, 24×7 Customer Support and Competence Development Centre.

Global Delivery Centre, United Arab Emirates

This state-of-the-art facility, situated in Sharjah, operates as our Global Solutions Applications and Test Centre. Given its strategic location in the Middle East and proximity to both the international airport and the sea-port, it enables us to engineer intelligence and serve our customers across the globe.

Our History

Founded in 1998, Commtel has been growing at an average rate of 40% over more than two decades. With steadfast dedication and a passion for learning, we chase our dream of building a better tomorrow.

Industry Associations

Industry Associations

Our Awards

Our Partners

Our Partners

Commtel Foundation

Charity begins at home and our home is the beautiful community we are part of. We took initiative to give back to the society of today and tomorrow. Thus, to support the various institutions bringing Health and Education to the children and elders in need, we established the Commtel Foundation.

Commtel Foundation is our effort to make this world a better place to live and grow.

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