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Uniquely designed, our Five ‘P’ Life Cycle Management Model was built with the core objective of ensuring guaranteed uptime for mission-critical applications.

Our brainchild, born from decades of research and experience.

Our unique and proprietary Five 'P' Model for System Life Cycle Management is the culmination of our decades of rich experience in the design, implementation, maintenance and management of mission-critical systems.

The Five 'P's refer to our principal objective “Performance” as well as the four activities we undertake in order to achieve it, i.e. “Protection”, “Prevention”, “Prediction” and "Preservation".

What shapes our Five 'P' Model for Life Cycle Management

Here is an overview of the activities within the Five ‘P’ Model for System Life Cycle Management, which not only safeguard the regular functioning of systems under the EICS package but also endeavour to predict failure and take appropriate action with minimal system downtime.


The core objective of our Life Cycle Management Model, “Performance” refers to ensuring the guaranteed uptime of the entire system, which is one of the most important aspects of mission-critical applications.

The processes involved are all-encompassing, continual and interrelated, with the singular objective of maximizing system uptime. We ensure that the systems utilized by our customer’s Operations are available and functioning as desired. 


These processes are performed in order to safeguard the system against sudden downtime that may arise from the failure of components, be it hardware or software. It also involves 24×7 monitoring of the system along with response measures and protocols in the event of an emergency.

Furthermore, all issues raised by customers are addressed and resolved by our teams based out of our well-equipped 24×7 Technical Assistance Centres (TAC) located in Mumbai, India and Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.


We routinely implement preemptive measures in order to ensure that our customer’s systems are as far from failure as possible. This includes periodic maintenance activities, management of assets, inventory and information as well as the configuration of the systems deployed.

Once again, our committed teams from the 24×7 Technical Assistance Centres ensure that failure is prevented at the earliest.


To perform all-encompassing environment monitoring, and data analytics using artificial intelligence and machine learning based algorithms, we deploy our specialized software tool CN-SHIELD that was built for this purpose. The hardware and software for CN-SHIELD will be deployed within the customer’s premises.

In order to support analytics, system metadata will be ported onto a secure cloud. Our dedicated data scientists will then perform periodic studies on this data and generate detailed reports on system performance as well as predict failures.


In order to ensure the smooth and continual operation of mission-critical systems, it is essential that they be regularly updated and upgraded. This also applies to the various processes followed in our workflows.

A dedicated on-site team, with complete support from specialist engineers at our India offices and extra support from individual system OEMs, ensures that all of the processes necessary for preservation are undertaken. Furthermore, all members undergo regular training on the latest technologies.

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