We facilitate uninterrupted power supply through automation and intelligent technologies for major power plants and distribution stations that are critical to a country’s infrastructure.

With recent advances in Smart Grid technology, the role played by digital transformation in improving the efficiency, reliability, safety and quality of power delivery is more critical than ever before.

We provide integrated solutions for communication systems in power plants and distribution stations. We also enable companies to generate, transmit and distribute power in a more efficient manner. This ensures that their clients can run their businesses, smoothly and uninterrupted.

Our Offerings

Commtel offers telecommunications systems and services for Generation Stations, Transmission and Distribution, Wind & Solar Energy and Marketers and Traders.

One of the greatest challenges to the generation and delivery of power is overcoming the physical and environmental factors present on-site.

Thus, in order to ensure safe and efficient business continuity, we empower companies with smarter solutions for power generation and distribution, with a 99.9% uptime assurance.

Power Generation Solutions

Power Generation companies need robust communication systems for SCADA, voice communications, tele-protection and metering. For instance, supervision and control of a dam and switchyard in a hydroelectric power plant is done remotely from a control center.

Sub-station automation and metering applications are other areas of applications that require control systems and high-speed communications infrastructure.

Transmission and Distribution Solutions

High Voltage Transmission Lines require control and monitoring systems across a distribution network.

High-speed teleprotection systems quickly isolate faults in a distribution network and prevent damage to vital equipment at the power plants and stations.

Optical Ground-Wire (OPGW) and buried OFC-based communication systems have been deployed since they are immune to electromagnetic interference. Microwave links have been used when OFC installation is infeasible.

Our Customers

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