Oil & Gas

As a reputed leader in the industry, we deliver reliable connectivity, security and monitoring for smooth operation of critical applications across facilities in upstream, midstream and downstream.

Being an industry that is critically central to the notion of progress in modern times, Oil & Gas brings to the fore its unique set of challenges. Dedicated communication, Safety and Security System requirements for the Oil & Gas industry is of paramount importance and this is exactly where Commtel has its core competencies.

With over two decades of experience in deploying dedicated networks and communication systems in the Oil & Gas sector globally, we are now a proficient and accomplished solutions provider in this space.

Our Offerings

Commtel has been expertly and continually serving Oil & Gas Companies in the business of Exploration and Production, Oil and Gas Pipelines, Refineries and Terminals, Retail Outlets Marketers and Traders.

We have been successful in working with our customers repeatedly in this industry which stands as a testament to our performance.

Owing to the physical difficulties in accessing reserves as well as the toxic and explosive nature of the environment; this industry poses as one of the most challenging ones to work in. The multiple risk factors that threaten life and property need to be accounted for.

Thus, in order to ensure the smooth extraction, processing and operation of facilities, we offer a multitude of industry-specific solutions.

Upstream Solutions

We provide systems for transmission of critical data from distributed sources to control rooms, wireless communication in facilities across indoor and hazardous environments, public address, paging and remote surveillance.

Critical systems are designed to continue to operate safely in the event of loss of regular power supply or emergencies.

We handle deployments of these critical systems and equipment for both offshore and onshore facilities.

Midstream Solutions

We have deployed unified communications systems, along with applications infrastructure including hardware and software for SCADA, CCTV, and much more.

Furthermore, we are experienced in designing and engineering crude pipelines, both intrastate and cross-country.

Since pipelines are designed to be operational over several decades, we ensure that it is possible to upgrade and migrate to newer technologies, as per the changing requirements.

Downstream Solutions

Years of experience has equipped us with the knowledge and expertise in formulating and deploying intelligent technological solutions across facilities, to increase safety and efficiency.

Some of the solutions include in-plant communications for control and monitoring, wireless digital communication such as TETRA and Trunked Radios, access-control systems, and CCTV systems with advanced video analytics and intelligent responses.

Our Customers

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