Whitepaper – The Impact of Cyber-Physical Security on CNI 

“More than $36 billion of economic value can be unlocked through improvements in the cyber-physical security of Critical National Infrastructure”

Cyber-physical security (CPS) in critical national infrastructure (CNI) is an issue of paramount importance. The CPS systems in place guard against major economic disruption and even threats to human life.

Commtel and Critical Future, UK undertook extensive research on the current state considering that the cyber-physical threats have only been growing in scope and complexity. Our whitepaper – The Impact of Cyber-Physical Security on CNI – finds how organisations and nations need to raise their game in response to these threats.

The original modelling in the paper proves that right investments in CPS will unlock tremendous economic value, and conversely, failure to invest and upskill in CPS opens major risks with potential large-scale economic consequences.

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