Our Identity

Engineering Intelligence; Making Connections

As experts in communication and converged surveillance systems, our job revolves around making connections. It could be connecting machines and networks or connecting people and organisations. That is why our new Branding’s design revolves around this concept. The gradient line that connects form symbols, each with its unique meaning and importance.

Our Three 'C's

At Commtel’s core, is our Three ‘C’ model. Conceptualize, Construct and Care, this model was designed for the complete lifecycle of your business, from the earliest stages of design to decades of support down the road.




The Story Behind Our Logo Mark

The brand mark incorporates Three ‘C’s. The first two ‘C’s,
Conceptualize and Construct are looped infinitely to create the third and final C, Care.

The Möbius strip depicts a one-sided surface with no boundaries and a never-ending path. It demonstrates the infinite possibilities in our pursuit of innovation.

Our logo is one continuous line that depicts communication and connection, it could be connecting machines and networks or connecting people and organisations.

Our Story

Our ability to innovate is what makes us human

We help organisations transform digitally with high performance digital communication, surveillance, security and safety solutions.

We use Latest Technologies, to enable projects and networks to not only connect and speak to each other, but also learn from the data they collect and improve performance. This means faster reactions, enhanced security and way more efficiency.

Whether it is Systems Design, Engineering, Integration, Software Development, Implementation, Involved Project Management or Multi Location Supply Chain Management, we are here to provide support, 24×7.

With over two decades of experience, we are able to deliver efficiency with our Three ‘C’ model. Conceptualize, Construct and Care. This unique engagement model ensures that our customers are not left with fragmented solutions and have a committed partner in Commtel.

We are Engineering Intelligence to build a smarter, faster and safer world.

Our Gradient

Each colour of the commtel gradient brings out a characteristic of who we are.

Radical Red

Inspires confidence, assurance and maturity

Progressive Purple

Purple is the colour of wisdom and innovation

Passionate Scarlet

Bright and bold, the Commtel scarlet is associated with passion and enthusiasm

Positive Yellow

This fresh shade of yellow represents hope, energy and positivity

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Our History

Founded in 1998, Commtel has been growing at an average rate of 40% over more than two decades. With steadfast dedication and a passion for learning, we chase our dream of building a better tomorrow.

Let's step into the future

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