Shaping a Sustainable Future
by Engineering "Good"

ESG Ambition Statement - 2022-2025

Commtelians commit to Sustainability and Change

Save Resources

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Achieving the triple bottom line

We strive to have purpose beyond the bottom line by being mindful of our people, our community, our customers, and the environment – create financial and societal value and becoming a force for good.





Taking Actionable Steps Towards A More Inclusive, Responsible And Growth-Inclined Business Model

Commtel ESG Focus Areas

We want to drive sustained outcomes across our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors. Our ESG strategy is carved to affirmatively impact our planet, people, and processes.


Resource Efficiency

Efficient use of critical resources like paper, water, electricity etc. by adopting pertinent technologies and processes eventually ushering in a shift towards a more mindful culture.

A shift to recycled and reusable products for key packaging materials across our supply chain.

Waste Management

To have zero waste offices

Appropriate waste segregation practices.

Commitment to 70% recycling and diversion from the landfill.

Climate Action

To offset 50% of environmental emissions by 2025.

Measurement of CHG emissions across our operations worldwide and our offices.

Extend support to carbon reduction projects relevant to our operations and suitable afforestation initiatives.


Empowering Workforce

Steadily improve our performance as a ‘Certified Great Place to Work’ organization every year.

Our Holistic Approach to Employee Growth Story:

a. Learning

b. Wellness

c. Experience


Focus on programs which support early life and old age where individuals are most vulnerable.

Broad categories defined under the aid are Medical, Education, Shelter and Food.

Diversity and Inclusion

To nurture women leaders within the organization to hold key positions in the future.

Create a transparent hiring policy that is merit based and bias free which is open to representation from diverse communities.


Transform Tech and Business Expertise into Purposeful Outcomes

Deliver Projects that have an impact on society at large.

Evaluate projects from an ESG lens.

Data Security

Strengthening policies to secure company’s data while also securing critical data of our partners.

Implementation of data security infrastructure through policies and softwares.

Mitigate Risk and Innovate

Pioneering new technologies that create value for our end partners.

Constantly evaluate risks across the industries that we operate in.

Invest in emerging technologies and speedfast adoption.


1. Business Ethics – Building a strong self-regulatory value system across the organisation.

2. Strengthening Partner Ecosystem – Build strong and sustainable supply chains.

3. Crafting policies to promote open culture – Facilitate and enable platforms to create dialogue with senior stakeholders.

‘Commtel is committed to support 11 of the 17 UN SDGs with its Corporate ESG Strategy and Approach’

The Global Goals for Sustainable Development

1. No Poverty

2. Zero hunger

3. Good Health and Wellbeing

4. Gender Equality

5. Decent Work and
Economic Growth

6. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

7. Responsible Consumption and Production

8. Climate Action

9. Life on Land

10. Peace, Justice and Strong Intuitions

11. Partnership for the Goals

12.Global Goals

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