Our Solutions


Meticulously designed and tailored to your needs, take the next step into the future with our innovative turnkey solutions.

Right from the stages of design and engineering
to integration, testing and commissioning.

We take it upon ourselves to manage every single aspect of the solution delivery process.

Every solution is designed and developed with the same attention and dedication that we are committed to providing, in our pursuit of being the best in our industry.

What shapes our Turnkey Solutions

Detailed Engineering

We strategically plan every aspect of the solution design process ensuring precise engineering through product interoperability studies while being accurately aware of the site conditions and functional requirements.

Extra attention is given so as to ensure that the solution crafted is built with an emphasis on quality as well as ingenuity.

Supply Chain

Our highly skilled team works dedicatedly towards the procurement and delivery of equipment as well as accessories, in a timely and efficient manner.

This is facilitated by leveraging our extensive and well-connected network of partners and providers from all over the globe.


We do not leave anything to chance and hence Systems Integration activity is an integral process of our turnkey solutions. We assemble and build systems to customer specifications at our state-of-the-art systems integration facilities.

As the systems are customised, the emphasis is on building the system cabinets in a manner that is a simple plug-and-play activity at the site. This mitigates technical challenges at the site and provides substantial cost savings.

Integrated Factory
Acceptance Testing

We exhaustively test the various components of the interconnected systems in simulated site conditions to ensure they are working as expected, with no compromise to quality or safety.

System Installation
and Commissioning

Our dedicated team of engineers and technicians has substantial experience in the installation and commissioning of technological and network solutions across varied environmental and site conditions.

Site Acceptance and
End-to-End Testing

We test the entire system end-to-end in the presence of our customer. This is to verify that all requirements and specifications for the project have been met and the system is working as designed.

As-Built Documentation and Handover

The final and most important stage of a turnkey solution is the generation and submission of the as-built documentation. We update all previously submitted drawings and documents of the system to reflect the implementation as-built before finally handing them over to our customer.

Involved Project Management

Our project managers are your representatives within Commtel, driving the entire solution delivery process as per your needs and requirements. Tracking progress and coordinating with all stakeholders involved, to ensure smooth operation and minimal delays.

Let's step into the future

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