We have deployed intelligent solutions for inter-city, commuter, and metro rail projects.

We design, engineer, and maintain advanced technological systems across distributed locations to make sure your travels are always safe and secure.

In this era of fast paced living, safe travel via rail, road and air has become increasingly complex. The transportation sector heavily relies on intelligent technology, so as to keep up with the growing needs of urbanization.

Real-time data collection and transmission across various channels requires technology that is both deterministic and fault-tolerant. The availability of these resources has given companies the power to better manage distributed systems, increase efficiency and most importantly, enhance overall passenger experience.

Our Offerings

Commtel is proud to be a part of recent technological advancements in the transportation sector that uses the best communications and surveillance solutions for Railways, Highways & Air Transport.

Achieving Efficiency and Ease of Operation while also maintaining uncompromising security measures is a challenge peculiar to the transportation sector that Commtel has mastered.

In a sector such as transportation, requirements are dynamic and constantly changing, on the basis of the environmental and human factors that come into play.

It is of paramount importance that critical decisions be made within milliseconds, to prevent and mitigate the risk of damage to life and property. That said, we drive companies in this industry to success with our assortment of specialized solutions.

Specialized Infrastructure

We provide specialized infrastructure to make travel secure and efficient. From advanced CCTV networks and passenger information display to passenger announcement systems, wireless communications and select on-board applications.

Specialized IT Solutions

We also develop specialized IT solutions, such as interfacing technical information from communication systems with commercial data, for e-business and extended enterprise applications.

Our Customers

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