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24x7 TAC

TechCare is our answer to all of your support needs. We strive to provide quality service that goes beyond general maintenance and fault finding.

24x7 support, every day of the week

Our dedicated 24x7 TechCare Support Centre aims at providing effective management and prompt resolution of your technical complaints, with a full-fledged commitment towards excellence.

Our Customer Interface Portal allows you to directly log issues and review their status online. Furthermore, it serves as a centralized repository of all system documents and equipment manuals necessary.

India Toll Free
1800 209 8011

U.A.E. Toll Free
8000 3570 3755

What shapes our 24X7 TAC Support

24x7 TechCare Support Centre

We provide your technical and operational staff with the assistance needed to resolve problems that arise during operations on your end network.

The TechCare customer interface portal ensures easy tracking and management of faults. Be it via telephone or an e-mail, we are here to assist you 24×7, uninterrupted.

Repair and Return & Spare Management

In our commitment to maintaining quality of the highest order, we offer a Repair and Return service for  hardware failures. Faulty equipment is collected, repaired and returned promptly through streamlined processes.

We also offer an ‘advance unit swap’ service, enabling early replacement of faulty units when dealing with a major breakdown.

24x7 Remote Real Time Monitoring

To reduce downtime and immediately bounce back from system failures, we offer 24×7 Remote Monitoring.

Our TechCare team will monitor your network on a 24×7 basis from their Network Operational Centre (NOC) and provide SLA-based support services. This allows you to have lesser operational and maintenance staff and work more efficiently.

Annual Maintenance Contract

We provide annual maintenance to our customers in a two-pronged approach: corrective and preventive.

Corrective maintenance, on request from the customer, is provided on-site by an expert systems specialist. They help with minor troubleshooting, resolving system faults and failures as well as tackling emergencies affecting system operations.

Our preventive maintenance process relies on conducting routine various tests and system health checks, in a format that has been approved by our customer.

System Upgrades

One of the greatest challenges for any business is to evolve their infrastructure with the latest developments in technology. In their efforts to rapidly adapt, there are times when introducing newer features could break the existing system.

Ensuring a smooth transition to new technology or adding new functionality to the existing products are key elements of the system upgrade services we offer.

Regular patches and fixes are rolled out to keep your systems running smoothly.

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