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A turnkey solution that transcends geographical boundaries

Empowering a 741 km long multi-product pipeline, in the desert, with a state-of-the-art communication systems network.


The desert, both daunting and hostile, is an environment that requires systems capable of operating in the most extreme conditions

Despite mobility being a major concern, we had to deploy a seamless communications network for a 12" pipeline, within a span of 6 months.

The Task

Our customer base surpassed continents and reached a country known for its challenging geographic conditions.

The 12” multiproduct pipeline, at a length of 741 km, required a turnkey solution that we were entrusted with implementing. We built a  dedicated optical fibre-based communication system to meet the optimum operation, maintenance, and safety requirements.

Hence, an exhaustive list of integrated systems was provisioned viz. an optical fibre-based digital telecommunication system, comprising of SDH STM-4 and associated PDH equipment along with their Network Management System.

Other communication systems included VHF trunked mobile radio and EPABX systems. Standalone HF-SSB system was also provided for long-range radio communication.

These systems formed an integrated telecommunication unit encompassing 21 stations across the pipeline.

The Challenge

Challenges associated with this project were abundant, from extremely remote work locations to unavailability of adequate transportation and cellular connections in some stretches.

The terrain was tough and the climate was severe, with ambient temperatures ranging from 47-52 degrees Celsius during summer.

Delivery capabilities became demanding, with just 325 km of accessible road network along the pipeline stretch of 741 km. Moreover, the execution of work became tough in the wake of frequent sandstorms and challenging site navigation.

To top it all, the implementation time provided for the entire project was only 6 months.

The Solution

We executed the integration of Marconi SDH STM-4 equipment, Nokia Primary Multiplex equipment, Alcatel EPABX, and TAIT VHF Trunked Radio System over an optical fiber network in a flat loop architecture.

The SDH STM-4 and PDH communication system provided facilities such as voice and data communication at various stations along the pipeline. Implementation of SCADA and telecom systems ensured data collection and data management. In order to deliver the project with acute objectivity, our engineers designed and positioned specialized towers for mounting antenna systems of a trunked radio and HF radio.

Factory Acceptance Testing, Training, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of the entire turnkey project were accomplished within the stipulated time.

The Highlights

  • Procured equipment from 6 different countries and entire systems integration was done at the Systems Integration Center in Mumbai.
  • Extensive testing of multiple systems prior to actual installation at the sites.
  • Acute detailing, designing and delivering of specialized towers made in India and shipped in containers to the site thousands of kilometers away.
  • Integration and installation of different units of the tower and erecting it as one single component.
  • Equipment dispatch from Mumbai to the country where the project was being executed was done in one single consignment.
  • An elaborate approach towards providing a tested and ready-to-install equipment solution saved considerable time, energy, and money.

The Benefits

Delivering a superior customer experience under any condition has time and again proved a point about our commitment and performance-oriented work. Our state-of-the-art communication systems network design not only provided high availability but also strengthened the pipeline infrastructure.

The towers which were specially designed for mounting radio devices were robust enough to withstand rough weather conditions of the desert. Meticulous planning and faultless execution at different stages from design engineering to supply chain management and effective systems integration ensured comprehensive turnkey delivery in its entirety.

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