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Making one of the world's longest pipelines cost-efficient

We value-engineered a complex amalgamation of world-class technologies to deliver invaluable savings across 700 km of a 45-station network.


The soaring temperatures and arid climate of the desert makes it a hostile and unforgiving environment; highly unfavorable for inhabitation or infrastructure.

We value-engineered a complex solution to allow our customer to successfully manage one of the world's largest pipelines, across a 45-station network.

The Task

Our customer owns one of the world’s longest pipelines, carrying contents at high temperatures in a geologically hostile environment. They entrusted us to set up a robust uninterrupted communications infrastructure in order to ensure safety, surveillance, maintenance, operations, and security for all 700 km of the pipeline.

The system had to facilitate secure, dedicated communication between the 45-station network spanning the pipeline and deliver uncompromising reliability as well as cost-efficiency. The goal was to minimize the losses that could occur due to error.

The Challenge

The scope of the project was enormous as it entailed a complex amalgamation of multiple products, systems, and technologies. The integration had to be seamless and fail-proof.

The time period was pre-defined, with innumerable variables to be taken into consideration; each with sufficient buffers for unanticipated delays and cost overruns.

Logistics for procurement and delivery also posed a formidable challenge to our skills. The communication infrastructure had to be successfully demonstrated in a simulated environment for approval prior to commissioning.

The goal was not solely providing extreme reliability but also achieving it at the lowest possible cost, in order to deliver at the highest efficiency.

The Solution

We unveiled an innovative use of equipment, some of which was a first in the country. We established a robust fiber-optic SDH STM-4/16 backbone transmission system all along the pipeline in a 2-tier architecture offering a range of services for their SCADA data, CCTV, trunked mobile radio, and long-distance stand-alone radio services.

For centralised monitoring of the telecommunication network, we provided a Network Management System (NMS) that enabled remote monitoring and control of telecom equipment at all the stations.

Equipment from reputed providers were used to ensure high reliability supporting redundancy, leading to acutely high overall network availability (99.999%).

The next-generation SDH system was based on the Multi-Service Transport Platform (MSTP), providing both legacy TDM and data (Ethernet) services for fulfilling end-user functional requirements.

Systems like NDB and PAGA were also provided at select stations. The entire fleet of varied systems deployed was technically superior and the most sophisticated for its time, proving once again how robust, flexible, and future-ready our solutions are.

The Highlights

  • The demonstrated repertoire of experience and expertise across different technology platforms through a value-engineered integration of systems and products.
  • Intensive training with almost every reputed technology leader provided a deep understanding to optimally conceptualize, configure and plan with micro-detailed precision.
  • Internal processes and discipline prevented budget and costs from spiraling out of control.
  • Brought significant savings to the customer while delivering fail-proof reliability across 700 km of pipeline.
  • Effective delivery of the project was done with
    minimal risk. Optimum resource management enabled us to accomplish the entire project in just 6 months.
  • We were solely responsible for the delivery of the entire project, from concept to deployment and maintenance of the entire communication infrastructure.

The Benefits

We built a superior communication infrastructure that delivered high quality and efficiency, in a mission-critical operation.

Our solution enabled communication in areas with poor cellular connectivity. The remote-controlled centralised monitoring provided a considerable reduction of manpower and operation costs.

Our deep understanding of all major technologies and equipment enabled us to integrate diverse components seamlessly; configuring them optimally to save costs. We believe that our role is not to just deliver networking solutions to our customers but to partner with them and provide phenomenal value.

We pride ourselves on being able to use our strengths to provide our customers with meaningful advantages at every stage of association. We are deeply committed to using our experience, technology, and expertise to deliver substantial benefits to our customers.

Optimum Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) measures were taken by us at every step, from integration to installation. This corroborates the fact that we stand for the best of practices in every sphere. Our 3C model (Conceptualize, Construct and Care) stands testament to this.

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