Commtel launches CN-SHIELD, its state-of-the-art AI solution offering 360-degree protection for Critical National Infrastructure

19 October, Mumbai: Commtel, a global leader in engineering and technology solutions, launched its new integrated platform that leverages big data analytics to provide actionable intelligence for robust end-to-end protection to any Critical National Infrastructure (CNI). Commtel made this announcement at the ongoing GITEX 2021, Global Event in Dubai, UAE.

CN-Shield is an artificial intelligence software solution that integrates all assets, monitors, assesses the data, and implements faster and cohesive 360-degree protection. It aims at bridging the gap in security in the era of cyber-physical systems. CN-SHIELD is implemented on Nybl’s AI platform.  It is an engineered system deployment that is customised, and purpose built for a specific customer site. Using its unique C6Ai architecture it provides the customer with power to collect data from myriad devices and systems on a single data processing platform.

“Today, when we are witnessing an increasing convergence between the digital and physical worlds, it is crucial for any CNI to detect physical manifestations of cyber events as well physical events that may impact the security and safety of their assets. CN-SHIELD will enable a CNI to achieve that objective. This offering demonstrates our capabilities in building software solutions based upon our accumulated domain knowledge”, says Mr. Shriprakash R. Pandey, CMD, Commtel Networks.

CN-SHIELD is the first in a new line of AI-based solutions from Commtel for protecting the CNI and its ecosystem. The solution uses advanced ML/AI technology for timely delivery and action of threat intelligence, allowing CNI to optimize and secure its mission-critical assets and communications networks amidst the complexity of rapidly digitalizing operating environments. CN-SHIELD will help CNI stay secure, enable them to tap into the power of their organizational data, manage their operations and security fundamentals.

Shriprakash further states, “This significant development is a natural progression for Commtel, as over two decades, we have catered predominantly to customers in the CNI sectors. It is one more step in furthering our vision to help build a smarter, faster, and safer world.”

CN-SHIELD is a perfect example of the incredible achievements possible at the intersection of subject matter expertise and expertise in Artificial Intelligence. Nybl is on a mission to democratize AI by eliminating the technical barriers of developing and deploying AI applications and our partnership with Commtel and CN-SHIELD, built on Nybl, is a testament to the extraordinary results when two experts in their respective domains collaborate.” added Mr. Noor Alnahhas, CEO, nybl.

About Commtel Networks:

Commtel is a global engineering and technology company providing high-performance digital communication, surveillance, security, safety, and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for clients in the Oil & Gas, Power, Mining, Transportation, and other critical national infrastructure sectors. Commtel is at the forefront of engineering intelligence with expertise in executing turnkey solutions – design, engineering, multi-system integration, project management, commissioning, and life cycle management. Founded in 1998, Commtel has delivered over 500 projects across four continents, enabling the digital transformation of the mission-critical infrastructure of the clients. To learn more, log on to


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