Commtel aims to achieve sustainability by lowering their carbon footprint

Commtel aims to achieve sustainability by lowering their carbon footprint

June 2022, United News of India: 

Commtel providing unified critical communications to the Critical National Infrastructure sectors, announced on Wednesday that it was making achieving sustainability for conserving the environment.

“We have committed to 11 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations because we believe that our industry can and must play a key role in implementing policies that make us more responsible towards a sustainable planet. Our routines, behaviours and business decisions are evolving to become the best examples of these. Our ESG (environmental, social, and governance) strategy, with the triple bottom line approach, aims to create financial and societal value by focusing on the planet, people and processes, and becoming a force for good,” said Shriprakash R Pandey, chairman-cum-managing director, Commtel Networks, in a release here.

Commtel aspires to decrease its environmental footprint and foster digital technologies to speed the development of new capabilities that will enable the customers of Commtel to be more connected, smart, and agile, he said.

For this purpose, Commtel is shifting to recyclable and reusable products for critical packaging materials across supply chains, achieving zero waste offices globally and offset 5o per cent of environmental emissions by 2025, significantly lowering their carbon footprint, he noted.

On the process front, Commtel wants to build a robust self-regulatory value system and promote an open culture of dialogue across the organisation, implement an efficient data security infrastructure,
invest in emerging technologies, and pioneer new technologies, Pandey added.

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