360° Protection for Critical National Infrastructure


How Big Data can empower you with actionable intelligence

Intelligently Integrated Surveillance

Bringing not just the alerts of events but situational data into a command-and-control platform and rapidly develop countermeasure practices.

Big Data Analytics

For quickly identifying the risks in play – anything that may impact security or operating conditions.

Bridging the gap in security in the era of cyber-physical systems

Over the past decade, AI and ML technologies have significantly found their way into the automation initiatives and all corners of the digital landscape across industries. They are now increasingly featured as part of security tools, surveillance systems, and remote monitoring systems. However, is that enough?

Harnessing the power of data is at the heart of the enhanced protection of critical assets.

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Knowledge is Power

Introducing CN-SHIELD, an intelligent solution that integrates your assets, monitors, assesses the data, and implements faster and more cohesive 360° protection

One Solution - CN-SHIELD

Enhancing Threat Detection

A threat-detection, prediction, and resolution system. It provides a single-pane-of-glass view by generating intelligence from disparate systems and technologies, enhancing the organization’s response time in managing and closing out a critical incident.

Tailor Made Solutions

The solution is tailored to address the myriad risks surrounding an infrastructure or asset -monitor and compare the different facets of security to compile an accurate view of the situational security -‘detect and respond’ in record time. It allows prioritization of risks and prescribes automatic response after the detection mechanism.

Built With Latest Technology

Built on nybl’s smart AI platform –modular, hardware agnostic, and scalable –combines the latest of ML and AI techniques with our deep domain experience and technology expertise to create the most advanced AI-based security management solution.

Multiple Platforms - One Integrated Solution

CN-SHIELD is capable of interfacing with multiple systems, collecting data and processing the same into actionable intelligence; all via a single user interface. It provides complete capability to monitor, control, alarm, analyze and perform all other necessary tasks.


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A unified platform

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Makes sure that every
action is logged and
classified with the
appropriate data set


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Improves personnel

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Automates the actions to trigger rule-based and site-specific workflows, making systems smarter and the response faster


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Recognises and makes sense of data

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Enables informed decision-making by analysing information


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Records incidents, detect anomalies, or deviations from any number of subsystems

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Differentiates between meaningless events and meaningful situations, to further investigate or resolve


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Distinguishes between a threat and anomaly and eliminates false alarms

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Program a response or alert a human


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Creates a continuous, comprehensive audit trail

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Analyses deviations to the SOPs on safety and security, enables future infrastructure planning, and addresses third-party interests

Customisation is key

Customised to your network and security framework, ensuring maximum protection.

Flexibility for Custom Applications

Custom applications are easy to create by introducing new formulas to CN-SHIELD.

Adaptable to any Critical Infrastructure

CN-SHIELD can be adapted to the security requirements of any asset. Designed to enable virtually unlimited expansion to new applications.

Streamlined Data Flow among any Disparate Systems

CN-SHIELD is completely hardware and third-party software agnostic, and even works with proprietary protocols, enabling it to be configured for communication with your existing field equipment and office software.

Expandable and Highly Scalable

CN-SHIELD modular architecture allows the system to add new functions and capabilities easily and without limitation. Distributed architecture allows core components to be replicated on demand across multiple servers and/or networks.

Let's step into the future

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