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The next generation in digital transformation, using versatile and intelligent technology solutions, powered using the latest in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Adapting and evolving, using data and past experience.

Data, being abundant in the 21st Century, contains valuable knowledge and insights that often go overlooked.

By building solutions that utilize machine learning and artificial intelligence, we can optimize and revolutionize the way industries operate across the globe.


We’ve partnered with nybl.ai to build the most advanced, artificial intelligence-based physical security management system in the world: “CN-Shield”

CN-SHIELD is a central monitoring, analytical, action-oriented tool that enables Secured, High Definition, Integrated Execution and Layered Detection of threats.

It is a threat-detection, prediction and resolution system with automatic countermeasures as per system settings, utilizing the latest machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques.

Multiple Systems - One Platform

CN-SHIELD is capable of interfacing with multiple systems, collecting data and processing the same into actionable intelligence; all via a single user interface. It provides complete capability to monitor, control, alarm, analyze and perform all other necessary tasks.

Our Security Coverage

CN-SHIELD processes information from multiple systems deployed across several zones using its machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms, in order to present complete situational awareness to its user.

It is capable of tracking threats all the way from Layer-4 (Far Field) to Layer-2 (Inside Perimeter) and initiating automatic countermeasures such as warning announcements, alarms, and beacons in an attempt to mitigate the threat.

Our Customizable AI Engine

The CN-SHIELD AI Engine operates on the principles of the OODA Loop; an effective and time-tested framework for decision-making.

Comprised of 4 stages, it was developed by military strategist and United States Air Force Colonel John Boyd.


It represents the task of perceiving the real environment.

Involves the collection of data from multiple systems in various forms such as visual images, videos, alarms, text inputs and more.


It represents the task of learning and understanding more about the real environment.

Study and analysis of the collected data applied in context to the customer site and operational needs.


It represents the task of prediction and decision-making.

A decision-making engine powered by machine learning uses suitable algorithms to predict desired and actionable outcomes.


It represents the task of executing actions based on decision taken.

Actions, in terms of countermeasures, are defined and then executed accordingly, depending on the environment and situation.

Key Features of CN-SHIELD

Unlimited by
Processing Power

Distributed architecture enables enhanced processing power by allowing for core components to be replicated on-demand across multiple servers and/or networks.

This ensures faster process execution as well as multitasking capabilities.

Expandable and
Highly Scalable

The modular architecture of CN-SHIELD allows for the addition of new functions and capabilities with ease and no limitations.

Newer applications can be easily installed and resources for the same can be provisioned accordingly.

Streamlined Data Flow
Across Systems

CN-SHIELD is completely hardware and third-party software agnostic, allowing for the execution of proprietary protocols as well.

Thus, it can easily be configured for communication with your organization’s existing field equipment and software.

Flexibility for
Custom Applications

Custom applications can easily be created on CN-SHIELD.

Instead of rewriting a hardcoded architecture, new formulas for those applications can be directly introduced.

Resource Utilization

You only pay for the processing power you use.

By means of dynamic processing resource allocation, CN-SHIELD can easily be scaled up and down depending on real-time load.

Adaptable to
Any Industry

CN-SHIELD can be adapted to meet security requirements for any asset.

Its modular architecture has been designed to enable virtually unlimited expansion across industries and applications.

Reinventing security with big data

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