In this era of fast paced life, safe commuting through rail, road and air has become a big challenge. Real time data transmission and gathering across various channels/mediums need a communication system that is failsafe and ultra-reliable. Commtel addresses these critical requirements for both rail and road networks which lend themselves to optical fiber deployment due to availability of right of way. We have deployed turnkey solutions for inter-city, commuter and metro rail projects.

Commtel offers a wide choice of technologies based on specific requirements of the transportation sector. We design, engineer and integrate multiple systems with high reliability across distributed locations, as well as install and maintain these systems over their lifetime.

The railway communication networks have been designed with features like loop-protection and redundancy with high-speed switching for signalling channels, controls as well as voice communication channels on dedicated networks between stations. Commtel also offers advanced CCTV networks, passenger information display and passenger announcement systems, wireless communications and selected on-board applications for all segments of the transportation industry. We also develop specialized IT solutions, such as interfacing technical information from communication systems with commercial data, for e-business and extended enterprise applications.

The transportation sector relies on advanced communications networks for its increasingly complex operations. The availability of new technologies and applications has given transportation companies unprecedented power to better manage their geographically distributed infrastructure, safety and signalling systems, traffic control systems, load movement and passenger experience. Commtel is proud to be a part of this technological advancement by enabling the transportation sector to make use of the best communications and surveillance solutions.

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Commtel engineers, integrates and manages all activities for turnkey execution of telecommunication systems projects. Its design and implementation capability ranges from simple point-to-point network to complex communications network designed to meet specific customer needs.
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