"21,000 kms of pipeline communication systems underline leadership in Oil and Gas"

Commtel is a reputed leader in the Oil & Gas industry in providing integrated telecommunications, surveillance and related technology solutions. Using the latest communications technologies, we provide reliable connectivity for critical applications across distributed facilities. Through years of experience in delivering turn-key projects, Commtel is today much sought for designing, building, testing, and rolling-out systems across the entire gamut of requirements extending over upstream, mid-stream and downstream facilities.

Fossil fuels like oil and gas are the most important sources of energy today more than at any time in history. As a sector of industry, they are facing tremendous challenges. While demand for energy continues to grow as a result of population growth and the rapid pace of modernization, the supply is limited and steadily becoming more difficult to produce. While consumption of oil and gas happens all over the planet, the deposits of oil and gas are located in restricted geographic areas. Extracting, processing and transporting these fuels from their source to the end-users is an enormous challenge. Solutions engineered and deployed by Commtel play an important role in keeping this ecosystem running.

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Upstream Solutions

We understand the unique and demanding requirements for communications and surveillance systems in offshore platforms as well as onshore production sites. Our systems are used during routine and emergency operations for transmission of critical data from distributed instrumentation to control rooms, for providing voice connectivity across facilities in indoor, harsh outdoor, noisy and hazardous environments, public address and paging, remote surveillance of the facility using all-weather explosion-proof camera networks. We also provide systems for wireless communication in and around the facility, with vehicles on ground, sea or air, and for weather-monitoring. Critical systems are designed to continue to operate safely in the event of loss of regular power supply or emergencies.

Offshore Deployments
We possess the engineering capabilities to deliver critical systems that operate under extremely severe conditions encountered in these deployments. We can execute the complex process of building highly engineered systems out at sea, either at customer-selected offshore construction yards or directly on site. The systems are designed to meet stringent international Hazardous Area Classification standards, and engineered to a high level of detail down to selection of appropriate materials for every component for the highly corrosive environment.

Onshore Deployments
We put in place fail-proof and dependable systems for production areas, gathering stations and upstream processing sites that keep the core operations running so that our customers can remain focused on their business deliverables. Commtel brings its more than a decade long expertise of design engineering on the table to ensure that critical communication needs are met even in the most challenging of environments while also keeping in view the Health, Safety and Environmental measures.

Midstream Solutions

Whether it is an intrastate gas grid network or a cross-country crude pipeline, Commtel has designed, built and managed networks over fiber, radio and copper mediums from concept stage to seamlessly integrate and deploy triple play services across the length of a pipeline. Commtel has deployed unified communications systems for voice, video and data, along with the applications infrastructure including hardware and software for SCADA, voice communications, CCTV, wireless communications, and much more. Since pipelines are designed to be operational over several decades, we realize the importance of deploying the right kind of technologies and providing a practical technology migration path for reliably handling the continuously evolving operational requirements through the lifetime of the pipeline.

Our breadth of expertise enables us to manage and maintain legacy systems deployed from early technology platforms to the next generation systems for handling advanced converged communications. Commtel’s midstream engineering competence comes not only through designing and installing integrated telecom systems as part of greenfield projects, but also through years of deploying and managing such systems for pipeline networks that have steadily grown in size and complexity over a period of time.

Downstream Solutions

Operation of oil and gas facilities is technically demanding, and are among the most extreme, remote and hazardous activities encountered in any industry. Flexible, robust and dependable communication systems are essential for minimizing physical and financial risk. Hence the industry is forced to adopt smart and disciplined measures with sustainable business practices to meet these challenges, and intelligent use and integration of telecom networks into their operations are crucial to success.

Over the years, such thorough understanding of plants and processes has equipped Commtel to formulate a customized plan and deploy entire communications systems that enable process automation over distributed operations, thus improving productivity and efficiency. Some of the solutions applicable to downstream facilities include in-plant communications for control and monitoring, wireless digital communication such as TETRA and Trunked Radios, Public Address and Paging, access-control systems and CCTV systems with advanced video analytics and intelligent response.

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Commtel engineers, integrates and manages all activities for turnkey execution of telecommunication systems projects. Its design and implementation capability ranges from simple point-to-point network to complex communications network designed to meet specific customer needs.
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