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The Highlights

          w Meticulous planning and bespoke designing capabilities within Commtel allowed it to complete the
           project within the stipulated contractual period.

          w Commtel was tasked with migrating from existing microwave network to the newly deployed state of the
           art optical transmission system with minimal disruption in service and was achieved with highest

          w Intensive testing of equipment at local facility before dispatch to site allowed for seamless deployment, a
           standing testament of Commtel's robust internal practices.

          w Commtel provided a mix of services to cater to current and future needs including mission critical
           Ethernet services, synchronous and asynchronous data, video conferencing, VOIP and analogue voice.

          w 5 SDH links with a distance of over 200kms between them were deployed without any repeater stations.

          w All optical amplification solutions with COTS devices.

          w Superlative design with battery backup for uninterrupted services even during power outages.

          The Solution

          Some peculiar physical conditions and complex engineering requirements made Commtel come up with unconventional ideas and
          custom-fit solutions. A meshed network architecture with 151 SDH links was designed. Further strengthening its dependable relationship
          with Coriant, Commtel offered the hiT 7025 as STM 4 and hiT 7080 as STM 16 equipment with redundant hardware, 1+1 MSP for all SDH
          links and RSTP for Ethernet ring protection. Various user data types were segregated using VLANs. Configurations with up to 5 MSP
          directions of SDH traffic were provided. A total of 156 numbers of Drop-insert multiplexers from Loop Telecom (AM3440) were provided
          for synchronous and asynchronous data interfaces, analogue voice, and VF E&M trunks. 14 numbers of low-level cross-connect switches
          were provided at key points for interconnections of the lower order voice and data services. The 151 SDH links with redundant
          configuration was centrally managed through a TNMS at National and Regional centres. In order to assure the availability of the system,
          telecom power supply systems with 8 hours battery backup were provided.
          Long-haul spans exceeding 200km are a key accomplishment of this project. This was made possible through a combination of
          advanced optical transceivers, optical booster amplifiers and pre-amplifiers to push the limits of repeaterless fibre optic transmission to
          unprecedented levels using established, off-the-shelf devices without resorting to exotic components. Substantial cost-savings in capex
          and opex are achieved by eliminating unnecessary repeaters at locations with no actual communication requirements.

          The Benefits

          Commtel's 3c delivery model of Conceptualize, Construct and Care stood true to its core as it delivered on the promises made through
          different stages of the project. Commtel's detailed designing, strong relations with partners and customer centric project management
          made sure that that the customer's expectations were well surpassed. It has been Commtel's endeavour to make the customer as the
          centre of their universe and to always think on their behalf. Uninterrupted access to Commtel's expert personnel along with timely updates
          regarding the progress made in the project brought to the fore an amicable environment further enhancing the working camaraderie from
          both sides..
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