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The scale was colossal. The task highly critical. And timelines

                 challenging. It called for precision planning and execution. With
                 no room for error.

                 The Task

                 Given its experience and impeccable capability in delivering turnkey solutions for customers since 1998,
                 Commtel was entrusted by a Central Transmission Utility in India with the Communications Equipment Package
                 for Establishment of Fibre Optic Communication System in the Eastern Region of its operations. This region
                 sees major demands from core industrial centres of strategic national importance on account of being rich in
                 natural resources such as coal and minerals. The region is served by a mix of 765kV, 400kV and 220kV lines
                 with several thermal and hydroelectric power plants feeding the grid, which supplies over 125 Billion Units
                 annually. The Communication System implemented by Commtel plays a key role in day to day grid operations
                 monitoring, supervision and control over the inter-state transmission system, scheduling of despatch of
                 electricity within the region and exchange of operational surpluses amongst interconnected regions. The whole
                 gamut of system design, engineering, procurement, integration, Factory Acceptance Testing, Installation,
                 Commissioning, Site Acceptance testing and handover of the system was in Commtel's scope and Commtel
                 was ready to deliver.

                 The Challenge

                 The Eastern region comprised of 5 states in India with a land area of 425,432 sq. km. The project had 136 sites
                 with 10,031 Kms of linear OFC distance. Delivering a project for a customer that transmits about 50% of the
                 total power generated in India on its transmission network was always going to be a job that had to be done
                 with utmost engineering precision and within extremely strict timelines. Ultra long repeater-less hops, stringent
                 physical conditions of working in high electromagnetic fields and non-air conditioned rooms that called for
                 tailored cabinet design and layout were all challenges that stood as a test of Commtel's overall competence.
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