Life at Commtel

Life at Commtel revolves around its Core Values. Seeped deeply into every Commtelian it brings out the best in all and at all levels, be it professional or personal. An eclectic mix of individuals from every corner of the nation adds to the diversity harboring a culture of unique skills and qualities.

Fun and recreation are an integral part of every Commtelian’s day to day lives with year round activities. Being the best in what we do and enjoying to the fullest while achieving the best is the definition of Life at Commtel.

Recognizing Commtel's Growth Enablers

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Annual Sports Day

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Just Another Day At Commtel

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Commtel engineers, integrates and manages all activities for turnkey execution of telecommunication systems projects. Its design and implementation capability ranges from simple point-to-point network to complex communications network designed to meet specific customer needs.
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Maintenance Service (Remote/On-Site, Voice/ Web Support) is being offered by the company under this segment.