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Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas ImagesCairn Energy: Barmer Salaya Pipeline project (BSPL)
We are implementing Cairn Energy's (CEIL) Barmer Salaya Pipeline Project, in the states of Rajasthan and Gujarat. The pipeline project is approximately 700 km long. There are total forty-one stations along the pipeline route. Commtel Networks is providing Cairn Energy with a dedicated optical fiber based digital telecommunication system, EPABX System, CCTV System, PAGA System and mobile radio system to meet the optimum operation, maintenance and safety requirements of this pipeline.

The telecommunication system which we will provide will facilitate various requirements such as SCADA, voice, operations data, CCTV, Public Address and General Alarm system (PAGA), UHF Trunked Radio, VHF FM Marine Radio and HF-SSB Radio System among the various stations of the pipeline. The IP based CCTV system will provide monitoring facility of designated areas of all the stations using Explosion Proof Fixed/PTZ cameras along with encoders and Network Video Management System (NVMS).

Indian Oil Corporation Limited has awarded us another project for system design engineering, integration, Acceptance Testing, Training, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of SDH STM1, Nokia Primary Multiplex Equipment, CCTV Surveillance System, EPABX, and Power Supply System for its Bijwasan Panipat Pipeline Project.

The SDH & PDH communication system will provide facilities such as voice and data communication among the various attended and unattended stations of the pipeline. For centralised monitoring of telecommunication network, network management system is provided to enable remote monitoring and control of telecom equipment at all telecom stations of this system from the communication control centre.

The Factory Acceptance Test was successfully completed on June 27, 2009

We are working on a state of the art digital telecommunication system for Indian Oil's Amod Hazira Pipeline Project.

We have been awarded this project for system design engineering, integration, Acceptance Testing, Training, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of SDH STM1, Nokia Siemens Networks Primary Multiplex Equipment, EPABX, and Power Supply System.

The Factory Acceptance Test was successfully completed on June 26, 2009.

Gas Authority of India limited, recently awarded us the telecommunication system contract for its Vijaipur Dadri Bawana Pipeline Project. GAIL wants to install and commission a dedicated telecommunication system along the route of the pipeline to facilitate the operation, monitoring, control and maintenance.

The offered access primary multiplexer is from Nokia Siemens Networks Dynanet family and SDH STM-16 and STM-1 equipment from WRI. The access multiplexers are provided at 9 locations, which will be interconnected via SDH equipment.

The entire access multiplexer network of VDBPL extension project is managed by existing Nokia Network Management System and the same will provide fault management, configuration management, performance management and security management functions for new NOKIA P-MUX equipment installed under this project.

ONGC CCTV Surveillance System for its Uran Plant
Oil & Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC), the Numero Uno E&P Company contributes 80% Oil & Gas production of the entire nation. Its state of art Uran oil & Gas processing plant processes the entire oil & gas production of oil fields in western offshore. Situated in the serene and picturesque surroundings of Dronagiri Hill on one side and the mighty Arabian Sea on the other, Uran Plant is one of the most unique, vital and environment friendly oil and gas processing complex of India. Its strategic importance and location calls for enhanced security and relentless surveillance to protect it from the threats including terrorist attacks.

ONGC has trusted Commtel to provide an integrated Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) system by deploying CCTV cameras for Surveillance and Switches for the backbone network at its URAN Plant. The project envisages a CCTV based Surveillance system with cameras at 64 locations and 16 Monitoring Stations. A dedicated Gigabit Ethernet optical fiber based telecommunication system along with CCTV cameras will be installed and commissioned by us to provide CCTV Surveillance among various locations. The network consists of five remote locations and one main central control station. The remote stations will be connected to the central station in point-to-multipoint configuration.

This project will be commissioned by 15th July 2009


Power ImagesPGCIL Extends the maintenance services contract of telecommunication system for their Northern Region Control and Co-Ordination project on Commtel.
Power Grid Corporation Of India Limited has once again awarded Commtel the contract for providing maintenance support services to PGCIL's wideband communication network of SC & C-NR Project. The Maintenance Period is for two years commencing from March 2009. Commtel is providing maintenance service to PGCIL for more than 3 years now and during this period we maintained a continuous system availability of > 99.9%, which exceeded the SLA, targets as per the contract.

The Northern region power system interconnects the generation, transmission and distribution facilities of various constituents (State Electricity Utilities) in 8 states in Northern India. There are a total of 125 sites in these eight states and the network mainly consists of Nokia DMR2000 Digital Microwave Equipment (312 Nos) along with cross connect equipment (21 Nos), primary multiplex equipment (186 Nos) and channel units, Nokia Network Management System with application servers. The Network also contains SDH STM-1 equipment of Fujitsu FLX150T (26 Nos) and FLX150/600 (40 Nos) along with FLEXRPlus Network Management System. Commtel has deployed a dedicated team of system engineers for this project.

Grid expansion NDPL
Commtel is installing and commissioning the telecommunication system for North Delhi Power Limited to facilitate communication needs for Energy Management System (EMS)/ Distribution Management System (DMS) at the NDPL's Master Control Center (MCC) facility. This system is also intended to facilitate communication needs of corporate data (WAN), video, voice and electrical line current differential protection communication interface needs.

NSN SDH System will be installed at 8 locations along the route to provide required Data communication facility on Ethernet. The transmission system will be based on SDH, which will also act as transport backbone for the entire telecommunication system. The Next Generation SDH system will be based on Multi Service Transport Platform (MSTP) providing both legacy TDM and Data (Ethernet) services for fulfilling end user functional requirements.

For centralised monitoring of telecommunication network existing Network Management System (TNMS) will be used, to enable remote monitoring and control of new telecom equipment at all the stations from the NDPL's Master Control Center (MCC) facility.


Railway ImagesBombardier - CENTRAL RAILWAY TMS Project
Commtel has provided a new PDH transmission system to Central Railway to interconnect the Train management System (TMS) with the Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) in twenty-two stations along the heavily utilised Mumbai suburban route. The contract included supply, installation, testing, commissioning and handing over of Digital Transmission System equipment. All the digital transmission equipments used were of Nokia Siemens Networks.

We offered Primary Multiplexer Transmission System that provided the data communication facilities for the operation and maintenance of Train management network as well as for extension of their local LAN to different locations. This transmission system interconnected twenty-two stations for the inter communication of RTU with TMS Master Control. It also interconnected the Central railways LAN at Mumbai CST station with ten other stations at 2 Mbps rate. The LAN was also extended to another four locations at 64Kbps.

For centralized monitoring of the Digital Transmission Network, a Network Management System (NMS) was also provided to enable remote monitoring and controlling of transmission equipments at all telecom station of this system from Mumbai CST station.

Awards and Achievements

Awards and Achievements ImagesCommtel has been honored with the prestigious "Sales Challenge for the year 2008" by Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) in the NSN Sales Partner Conference 2009 held at Lisbon in June 2009. With our unwavering focus and commitment to make a difference we achieved highest percentage growth in NSN equipment sales from the preceding year (2007).

We also received a certificate from NSN for winning the "2008 Best Testimonial Competition".

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