Core Values

Nurture relationship with customers and contribute to their success

Our customers’ success is our success. We make it our passion to help our customers succeed. Our actions ensure that every engagement with the customer is a fresh new experience. We truly believe we have them for life.

Innovate and stay Quality Focused

We stretch to do everything better in order to reach the next level, every time. We single-mindedly focus on delivering better quality - be it in our product or service.

Build Synergy through Teamwork and Trust

We strive to build the 'best place to work in', based on trust, respect, honesty, openness and collaborative effort.

Respect people and be Socially Responsible

Irrespective of position, cast or creed we treat everyone with due respect and honor. We endeavor to do our utmost to lend a helping hand, more so to the needy and the under privileged.

Learn to grow, have fun at work

We open our minds to never stop learning. We encourage wisdom to help us grow. We spark excitement at work because we deliver our best when we enjoy every moment.

Our Customers & Credentials
Commtel engineers, integrates and manages all activities for turnkey execution of telecommunication systems projects. Its design and implementation capability ranges from simple point-to-point network to complex communications network designed to meet specific customer needs.
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Engineered Solutions
TechCare - 24x7 Tech Support
Maintenance Service (Remote/On-Site, Voice/ Web Support) is being offered by the company under this segment.