Page 3 - 700 Kms Multi System Pipeline Network - Seamless integration of mission critical application in subzero temperatures
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The Benefits
                                                                        The Highlights
                                     Commtel was able to build a superior
                                                                         Demonstrated repertoire of experience and
                                     communication infrastructure in a
                                                                         expertise across different technology platforms
                                     mission-critical operation that delivered
                                                                         through value-engineered integration of systems
                                     on all parameters. It enabled contact
                                                                         and products.
                                     where there was poor cellular
                                     connectivity. The remote-controlled    Intensive training with almost every reputed
                                     centralised monitoring provided                       technology leader provided a deep
                                     a considerable reduction of manpower   understanding to conceptualize, configure
                                     and operation costs.                optimally and plan with micro-detailed precision.
                                     Commtel's deep understanding of all    Internal processes and discipline enabled
            major technologies and equipment enabled it to integrate diverse   prevention of costs from spiraling out of control.
            components seamlessly configuring them optimally to save costs. Its
                                                                         Brought significant savings to its customer while
            disciplined methodical approach empowered Commtel to execute as
                                                                         delivering fail-proof reliability across 700 Km of
            per plan.
            Commtel believes that its role is not just to deliver networking solutions
                                                                         Effective delivery of the project was done with
            to its customers but to partner them with value that goes beyond.
                                                                         minimal risk yet optimum resource management,
            Commtel prides on being able to build on its varied strengths to provide
                                                                         accomplishing the entire project in just 6 months.
            its customers with meaningful advantages at every stage of its
            association.                                                 Single point responsibility, from concept to
                                                                         delivery of the entire communication
            Commtel is deeply committed to making technology, expertise and
            experience work to its customers' benefits and notably result in
            substantive savings. Optimum Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE)
            measures taken by Commtel at every step, from integration to installation, corroborates the fact that Commtel stands for best of
            practices in every sphere.
            Commtel's 3C model of Conceptualize, Construct and Care stand testimony to its resolve.
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