Page 2 - 700 Kms Multi System Pipeline Network - Seamless integration of mission critical application in subzero temperatures
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The question isn't, “how many could have accomplished

            this technological feat?” But, “at what cost?”

                                                                                                      SCADA       VIDEO
                                                                                                      SYSTEM      SERVER
                                                                                                      UHF TRUNKED  HOTLINE
                                                                                                      RADIO SYSTEM  PABX

                                                                                               TANK FARM
                                                                                                        STATION 1
                                 STATION 3
                     SCADA  VIDEO
            PAGA                   BEACON
                     SYSTEM  SERVER
                      UHF TRUNKED  HOTLINE
            CCTV      RADIO SYSTEM  PABX

                                                 SEHMS            STATION 2
                                                                                        PAGA     SCADA        HOTLINE
                                                                                                 SYSTEM       PABX
                                                                                                 UHF TRUNKED
                                     HF SSB  HOTLINE  CAMERA  CCTV                               RADIO SYSTEM

            The Task
            Commtel's customer owned one of the world's longest pipelines carrying contents at high temperatures in a
            geologically hostile environment. It entrusted Commtel to set up a robust uninterrupted communications infrastructure
            to ensure safety, surveillance, maintenance, operations and security. The system had to facilitate secure, dedicated
            communication between 44 stations located all along the pipeline and deliver on uncompromising reliability.

            The Challenge

            The scope of the project was enormous. It entailed a complex amalgamation of multiple products, systems and
            technologies. The integration had to be seamless and fail-proof. The time period was pre-defined. There were too
            many variables, each with sufficient room for unanticipated delays and cost overruns. Logistics for procurement and
            delivery also posed a formidable test to our skills. The communication infrastructure had to be successfully
            demonstrated in a simulated environment for approval before commissioning. The challenge was not about being
            able to deliver extreme reliability, but achieving it at the lowest possible cost. It was the ultimate test of Commtel's

            The Solution

             Unveiled an innovative use of equipment, some of which were a first in the country.
             Established a robust fiber-optic SDH STM-4 backbone transmission system all along the pipeline in a 2-tier architecture offering
              a range of services for their SCADA data, CCTV, trunked mobile radio and long distance stand alone radio services.
             For centralised monitoring of telecommunication network, Commtel provided Network Management System (NMS) enabling remote
              monitoring and control of telecom equipment at all the stations.
             Equipments from reputed providers were used to ensure high reliability supporting redundancy, leading to acutely high overall network
              availability (99.999%).
             The next generation SDH system was based on Multi Service Transport Platform (MSTP) providing both legacy TDM and data
              (Ethernet) services for fulfilling end user functional requirements.
             Systems like NDB and PAGA were also provided at select stations.
             The entire fleet of varied systems deployed were technically superior and most sophisticated for their times, proving once again how
              robust, flexible and future ready our solutions are.
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